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Feral Pigeon

Feral Pigeon
Appearance:dark, blue-gray head with glossy yellow, greenish and reddish-purple markings along neck and wing feathers.
The bill is grayish-pink. Two dark bands are usually seen on the wings and there is a single dark band across the tail.
Pigeons walk or run with their heads bobbing forward and back.
Habits:Pigeons fly in a direct path. They feed in the morning and early afternoon and take cover at night.
They nest in large flocks in urban areas.
Diet:Pigeons prefer seeds but will eat popcorn, bread, cake, peanuts and more.
Reproduction:Mate for life (3 or 4 years),Have 3 to 4 broods per year of 2 eggs each. Eggs hatch in 18 days, & leave
the nest within 35 days. Pigeons do not migrate, & stay near their birth site (which may be your home).
They breed year round in warm climates (like the Bay Area).
Additional Information: Today’s policy is health and safety.Pigeons are not a protected species; they are a health hazard to the work environment. They spread many diseases – such as Lung Disease, Heart Disease, Kidney Disease, (Brain Disease through mosquito), Salmonella, Respiratory Problems and Asthma Attacks. Pigeon’s highly acidic droppings can cause extensive damage to all surfaces and can contaminate products and stored goods. Pigeons carry up to 40 viruses and 60 transmittable diseases!
Pigeon Control Services:

  • Removal of food and water sources (pet food bowls, water bowls, bird feeders).
  • Installation of ‘pigeon spikes’ which prevent pigeons from landing or roosting.
  • Application of a gel product that pigeons find sticky and uncomfortable to stand on.
  • Installation of a netting product that prevents pigeons from reaching roosting sites.
  • Clean-Up: Pigeon feces contain uric acid which is highly corrosive to building and roofing materials. A roosting flock can cut the life of a roof in half. The feces also contain bacteria, fungal agents and ectoparasites which present numerous health risks. Spray-on products neutralize odors and sterilize surfaces prior to clean-up.

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