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Genus Camponotus

Genus Camponotus
Appearance: Among the largest ants, from 1/4 to 3/8 inch long; most common species is black,
but some have reddish or yellowish coloration;workers have large mandibles.
Habits:Normally nest in dead portions of standing trees, stumps or logs, or burrow under fallen logs or stones.
Invade homes in search of food; nests inside homes can damage wood.
Diet:Do not eat wood; will feed on nearly anything people eat, particularly sweets and meats; also feed on other insects.
Reproduction:Queen lays 15-30 eggs. Eggs complete their life cycle in about 60 days.
Workers can live up to seven years, while a queen may live up to 25 years.
Other Information:All houses, regardless of age or type of construction,
are vulnerable to infestation and damage. Very difficult to control. Colonies can contain up to 3,000 workers.

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